The Dolphin Lady™

"The Story of a Unique Relationship"
by Virginia C. Smith

The Dolphin Lady™
Portrait of Virginia C. Smith
Virginia C. Smith
Virginia is the author of The Dolphin Lady™ - a true story about her 18 year relationship with a pod of wild spinner dolphins in the ocean waters of Hawaii.
She is also a renowned trainer and business-career coach.
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Have you wished you could swim, frolic and cavort in warm ocean waters with a pod of playful dolphins?

I have had the privilege of doing just that. A family of 30 spinner dolphins have welcomed me into their midst as if I were one of their own. They have taught me how best to communicate with them. From our awkward beginning to the very special bond that we have created, today, our adventures above and below the water have been truly awe inspiring. “The Dolphin Lady™” is our very special story, and is now going out to publishers.

I am an everyday woman blessed with an extraordinary experience – being coached by dolphins. I worked in the telecommunications industry as Director and Manager of Training for more than 20 years, and I am now president of my own consulting-coaching business.

The Dolphin Lady is published ... Amazon Kindle Edition ...

The Dolphin Lady, by Virginia C. Smith

The Dolphin Lady is now available in downloadable form, in a Kindle edition. If you do not have a Kindle reader you can download the Kindle app from you iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry, or go to and download the app for your PC. Enjoy your journey swimming with the dolphins!

My new book, The Dolphin Lady™ vividly describes the highlights of my many encounters with my very dear friends - a pod of wild spinner dolphins – from witnessing the birth of a dolphin to being protected from a shark attack. If you’ve ever wanted to “swim with the dolphins” this is probably the next best thing. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to share in the highlights from my 18-year journey with a Hawaiian dolphin family.


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If you have had a special encounter with a wild dolphin, or have been dreaming of a day when you would, I'd love to hear your story. Please email me at .

Virginia is the President of Training Insights, Inc.

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